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Throw more light

Good day sirs, I need you to throw more light on how can a person will use this application


Please how do I access the following Client ID Merchant ID Product ID Again is Merchant I'd the same as merchant code? Product ID the same as Item ID? Please help. Ufford

how can i top up money into my wallet ?

how can i top up money into my wallet ?

Create Virtual Prepaid Card Endpoint URL keeps saying 404 Not Found

This endpoint to Create a new Virtual Prepaid Card keeps giving 404 https://sandbox.interswitchng.com/virtual-card/api/v1/cards/create Has it been changed or something? Kindly help look into it.

Personal information issue

I can't complete my personal information because it keeps saying that my information does not match with KYC data check bvn. I have used the correct BVN

Developer tools are not available

I got the following error when trying to get integration credentials from the developer tools section of Quickteller Business: Something went wrong We encountered an error. Please try again. Could you please check it?

Airtime reselling price and discount

What's the price or discount if I choose to use your airtime api integration for my users

Pricing for all API Services

Hell, Please i would need more clarity on the pricing schema for all API services. For example, if i use the make single transfer api, how much would i be charged to use the API. Is it in percentage like other payment platforms or there is a fixed fee?

Utility Bill Payments Pricing for API Users

Good day admin, The above subject refers please. Kindly provide more clarity on the following: 1. Rates, charges and commissions applicable to API users for Utility Bill Payments (i.e. Electricity, Airtime, Data, Cable TV) 2. Package for bulk purchase on Utility Bill Payments, if applicable 3. Charges for POS transactions 4. Rates, charges and commissions applicable to API users for Quickteller Loan Products Regards, Abel E.

What if I get stuck while using the platform?

Quickteller Business is user-friendly, you are guaranteed an enjoyable experience on the platform. If you, however, encounter any challenges, our dedicated support team is available to promptly resolve all issues.