Accept Tenured Offer

This Endpoint is to accept a loan offer. On calling this endpoint, the service will mark an offer as accepted and then notify the provider of this decision while providing them with the account details of the customer.

Response Descriptions

Field #Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1customerIdStringtrueThe Email or Mobile Number of the Customer.
2debitMethodObjectThe Object containing the properties of the Card to be debited when the loan is due. This is required when the debitMethodId is not provided.
3a.identifierStringfalseThe Payment Method Identifier (GUID) of the Card to be debited.
3b.authDataStringfalseThe AuthData of the Card to be debited. This is only provided when the Card to be debited doesn’t have all the required details. It is the encryption of the Card PAN or Identifier, Expiry Date, PIN, and CVV.
4providerCodeStringtrueThe Code of the provider from which this offer was retrieved.
5merchantCodeStringtrueThe merchant identifier
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