Get Tenured Offers

This endpoint is to get offers available to a user/customer from a specified Credit Company (Provider) for purchasing items from the specified merchant

Response Descriptions

Field #Field nameDescription
1responseCodeThe Code representing the result of the request processing.
2responseMessageThe Description of the responseCode.
4offersArrays of the available offers.
4b.amountOfferedThe Amount which the Credit Company is ready to loan the customer/user.
4c.interestThe Interest Percentage that applies to the loan.
4d.amountPayableThe Compound Interest which is to be paid by the Customer at the end of the loan tenure.
4e.feesArray of the many fees that applied with the offer.
4f.tenureThe Duration for which the loan is applied. After this duration, the loan is marked as due. (in days)
4g.termsThe Terms and Conditions that applied to the offer.
4h.expiryDateThe Date and Time at which this offer becomes invalid.(UTC)
4i.currencyThe Currency Code of the Amount offered.
4j.descriptionThe desctiption of the offer. This is what will be displayed to the customer
4k.typeThe type of offer. Possible values are One-Off and Installmental
4l.initialPaymentThe value of the initial payment that will be deducted from the customer
4m.noOfInstallmentsThe number of installments the customer will be required to pay
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