HTTP Status codes & descriptions

Interswitch APIs follow standard HTTP response codes for successful or failed transactions.

200, 201, or 202This means the request was successful, and the action has been carried out. Also note that you will receive a 200, 201, or 202 status code.
400A validation error occurred, and the request was not completed. This means a parameter to complete this request is unavailable or invalid in the request payload.
401This can be triggered by passing an invalid secret key in the authorization header or in a scenario where there is none. The request will not be authorized as your request does not fulfill the basic requirement for a successful API call.
404This means your request could not be fulfilled as the resource/institution requested does not exist.
500, 501,502,503,504This request could not be completed due to an error at Interswitch's end. Please report if you encounter any instance of this kind.