Single Transfer

Request Parameters

Below is a list of parameters for the request

initiatingEntityCodeYes<=5AlphanumericClient Entity Code issued by Interswitch
transferCodeYes<=12NumericUnique Transfer code generated on Client’s system and sent in DoTransfer request. 4 digit transfer code prefix will be provided by Interswitch.
lastnameYes<=50AlphanumericSender Last name
othernamesYes<=50AlphanumericOther names of sender
emailNo<=50AlphanumericEmail Address of sender
(Required if the customer should receive notification)
phoneNo<=25AlphanumericPhone number of sender (Mandatory if customer should receive notification)
lastnameYes<=50AlphanumericLast name of the beneficiary.
othernamesYes<=50AlphanumericOther names of the beneficiary
emailNo<=50AlphanumericEmail address of the beneficiary (required if the beneficiary should receive notification)
phoneNo<=25AlphanumericPhone number of the beneficiary (Required if customer should receive notification).
initiationAmountYesNumericAmount to be sent to the beneficiary in small denomination. Initiation Amount and Termination amount should be the same.
initiationChannelYesNumericChannel must always be 7
initiationPaymentMethodCodeYes2AlphanumericPayment Method Code of where transfer is being initiated from.
InitiationPaymentMethodCodemust always be CA.
initiationCurrencyCodeYes3AlphanumericISO 4217 standard currency code
terminatingPaymentMethodCodeYes2AlphanumericOne of the payment method codes for where the transfer is to be terminated.
TerminatingPaymentMethodCode must always be AC.
terminatingAmountYesNumericAmount that will be received by beneficiary in small denomination
terminatingCurrencyCodeYes3AlphanumericISO 4217 standard currency code
terminatingCountryCodeYes2AlphanumericISO 4217 standard currency code
terminatingAccountNumberYes<=50AlphanumericAccount number/Card number of beneficiary. Account Number should be the 10 digits Nuban Account Number of the beneficiary.
terminatingAccountTypeYes2AlphanumericFor bank accounts only.
10 = Savings account

20 = Current Account

00 = default value / not sure
terminatingEntityCodeYes<=5AlphanumericCode of bank/agent where transfer should be collected
terminatingEntityLocationCodeNo<=5AlphanumericCode of bank/agent location where transfer should be collected, For cash receivable transfers only.
terminatingStateCodeNo<=5AlphanumericState where the transfer can be collected, For cash receivable transfers only.
cashReceivableTypeCodeNo2AlphanumericFor cash receivable transfers only.
identificationTypeCodeNo2AlphanumericFor cash receivable transfers only.
macYesMessage authentication code, for message integrity. Should be computed with SHA512 algorithm of the string in Request MAC fields below
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