Channel Collections Provider Only

This is an API specification to be implemented by channel collections providers. The endpoint is to be defined by the provider.

Response Descriptions

#Field NameData Type
1responseCodeNumeric String5trueThe Code representing the status of the processing of the request. It shows whether the request to accept the offer is allowed or not.
2responseMapString255trueThe Description of the Response Code from above.
3loanObjectAn Object containing the details of the loan requested.
3areferenceString50This field is REQUIRED for all loans NOT disbursed through ILS. The Reference is a unique loan identifier and should only be sent for loans that do NOT exist on the ILS platform
3bstatusENUMtrueThe Status of the Loan whether it has been paid or not, overdue or not.
3cremainingAmountLongtrueThe Amount remaining for the Customer to paid that will make the loan fully paid.
3ddueDateDate Time (UTC)trueThe Date/Time at which the Customer is expected to have paid back the loan.
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