Account Credit Request

This endpoint receives a request to close an open credit inquiry by performing the credit transaction. The credit inquiry to be closed is contained in the clientRef field or transactionReference field. The transactionAmount to be credited is also included in the request. The request is processed and routed to the destination institution to effect the credit. The credit request is pushed for processing and a response is sent back to the calling application.

Response Message Description

Field nameDescription
1transactionReferenceUnique transaction reference
2responseCodeThe response code of the transaction see appendix for response code details
3responseMessageThe descriptive response message
4statusThe status of the transaction. See transaction status appendix. Use the status mappings to determine if the transaction succeeded or not.
5clientRefThe transaction client reference
6systemResponseCodeSystem Response code that is sometimes included in response in case of exceptions in the system. This helps with issue resolution.
7settlementStatusSettlement status of the credit transaction
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