Credit Inquiry Request

This endpoint receives a request to confirm if an account specified in destinationAccountNumber can be credited with a specified amount .

On the successful completion of a credit inquiry, the transaction is logged in Transfer service and awaits a completion update with the same client reference sent in the inquiry or the transaction reference returned in the inquiry response.

*Response Message Description

Field NameData typeDescription
1responseCodeStringResponse Code
2responseMessageStringResponse Message
3accountNameStringAccount Name
4accountNumberStringAccount Number
5clientRefStringInitial reference sent by client if sent, or one auto generated by system
6transactionReferenceStringUnique transaction reference
7bankVerificationNumberStringBank Verification Number
8kycLevelStringKYC Level
9accountTypeStringCurrent, Savings or Credit
10accountCurrencyStringISO currency
11addressStringReceiver’s address. At present this attribute will not be used for any further processing.
12countryCodeStringCountry code of the transaction. This is the ISO country code.
13canCreditBooleanf the account validation is successful for credit this will be true. Note: If true allow customer to proceed to complete the credit otherwise, fail the transaction. This is usually because the account is dormant, or the account cannot receive the amount specified.
14systemResponseCodeStringSystem Response code that is sometimes included in response in case of exceptions in the system. This helps with issue resolution
15actionStringAction on transaction as received from the middleware
16settlementStatusStatusSettlement status of inquiry transaction. Default settlement status for Inquiry is NEW
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