Create Refund Transaction

This endpoint is used to issue a refund for a previously processed transaction.


idThe refund ID in the DB.
refundReferenceThe reference of the newly created refund
parentPaymentIdThe database ID
refundTypePARTIAL or FULL, determined by the refund amount.
refundAmountThe amount requested.
createdDateUNIX timestamp of when the request was created.
refundStatusThe processing state of the refund request, this could be either: SUCCESS, PENDING, PROCESSING, FAILED,COMPLETE, COMPLETE_MANUAL. You can view the full refund statuses and their meanings here Refund Guide
createdByDetails of the user who requested the refundUNIX timestamp of when the request was created.
reasonForRefundDetails of the refund reason.
merchantCodeThe initiating merchant's code.
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