Get Dispute

Use this endpoint to retrieve a dispute by the log code


Field NameDescriptionTypeRequiredConstraints
logCodeThe log code of the disputeStringOptional

Sample Request



Field NameDescriptionTypeConstraint
logCodeThe log code of the disputeString
issuerCodeThe domain code of the issuerString
issuerThe domain name of the issuerString
acquirerCodeThe domain code of the acquirerString
acquirerThe domain name of the acquirerString
merchantCodeThe domain code of the merchant, if applicableString
merchantThe domain name of the merchant, if applicableString
customerReferenceThe reference of the customerString
transactionStoreThe store of the transactionString
transactionReferenceThe unique reference of the transaction in the storeString
transactionDateThe UTC date and time of the transactionString
transactionTypeThe type of the transactionStringrefer to Get Transaction Types
transactionAmountThe amount of the transactionString
surchargeAmountThe surcharge (or fee) of the transaction, if applicableString
transactionCurrencyCodeThe currency of the transaction. Format: ISO 4217 numericString
settlementAmountThe settlement amount of the transactionString
settlementCurrencyCodeThe currency of the transaction settlement. Format: ISO 4217 numericString
terminalTypeThe type of the terminalString
disputeAmountTypeThe type of the dispute amountEnumFULL or PARTIAL
disputeAmountThe amount of the disputeString
additionalInfoAny additional data from the transactionJSON String
reasonCodeThe code of reason of the disputeStringrefer to Get Dispute Reasons
reasonThe reason for the disputeStringrefer to Get Dispute Reasons
categoryThe category of the disputeStringrefer to Get Dispute Categories
regionThe region of the disputeString
merchantDisputantIndicates whether the dispute is managed by the merchant or the acquirerBoolean
domainCodeThe domain code of the issuer of the disputeString
statusThe current status of the disputeString
previousStatusThe previous status of the disputeString
statusStartDateThe UTC date and time the current status beganDateTime
createdByThe user that logged the disputeString
createdOnThe UTC date and time the dispute was loggedDateTime
accountNumberThe transaction account numberString
merchantEmailThe email address of the merchant if applicableString
panThe masked PAN of the card used in the transactionString
evidenceA list of all the evidence attached to the disputeJSON Arrays
journalAn array of all attached journalsJSON Array

Sample Response

    "logCode": "IBTC0II62943",
    "issuerCode": "IBTC",
    "issuer": "Stanbic IBTC Bank",
    "acquirerCode": "FBN",
    "acquirer": "FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA",
    "merchantCode": "",
    "merchant": "",
    "customerReference": "506120*********8033",
    "transactionStore": "RJService",
    "transactionReference": "136919902261_902261_20086919_-10000.00_0200",
    "transactionDate": "2023-04-11T11:00:00Z",
    "transactionType": "AGENCY_BANKING_TRANSFER",
    "transactionAmount": "NGN 100.00",
    "surchargeAmount": "NGN 0.00",
    "transactionCurrencyCode": "566",
    "settlementAmount": "NGN 0.00",
    "settlementCurrencyCode": "566",
    "terminalType": "2",
    "disputeAmountType": "Full",
    "disputeAmount": "NGN 100.00",
    "additionalInfo": {
        "Card Acceptor Code": "200001119220077",
        "Card Acceptor Location": "WT|ABUBAKAR MUHAMMAD MUST       ZARIA NG",
        "Card Scheme": "Verve",
        "Has Merchant": true,
        "Merchant Type": "REGULAR",
        "Response Code": "00",
        "Retrieval Reference Number": "136919902261",
        "Settled": true,
        "Stan": "902261",
        "Terminal Id": "20086919"
    "reasonCode": "RG",
    "reason": "Non-Receipt of Goods and Services",
    "category": "Chargeback",
    "merchantDisputant": false,
    "domainCode": "IBTC",
    "status": "Accepted",
    "previousStatus": "Chargeback",
    "statusStartDate": "2023-09-23T22:46:58.637Z",
    "evidence": [],
    "journal": [
            "detail": "Dispute status updated: Chargeback to Accepted",
            "addedBy": "Emmanuel.Kpoudosu@FBN",
            "addedOn": "2023-09-23T22:46:58.653Z"
            "detail": "Dispute comment added: Accept with comment",
            "addedBy": "Emmanuel.Kpoudosu@FBN",
            "addedOn": "2023-09-23T22:46:58.653Z"
    "createdBy": "Emmanuel.Kpoudosu@ISW",
    "createdOn": "2023-09-23T22:30:07.087Z",
    "lastUpdatedBy": "Emmanuel.Kpoudosu@FBN",
    "lastUpdatedOn": "2023-09-23T22:46:58.653Z",
    "pan": "506120*********8033",
    "statusActions": []
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