Get Transactions

This is the transaction query endpoint. It is use to query transaction from different transaction group. The resulting transaction is use to create dispute.


The request query parameters are determined by the Transaction Group. However, a date range is always required.

Field NameDescriptionTypeRequiredConstraints
transaction_groupThe transaction group you want to search forStringRequiredSee Get Transaction Groups
channelA channel that is available within the transaction groupStringRequiredSee the channel from Get Transaction Groups
startDateThe start date and time of the date range. Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ssDateTimeRequired
endDateThe end date and time of the date range. Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ssDateTimeRequired
Any number of parameters as defined by the transaction group for example IPG group requires stan, maskedCardPan, retrievalReferenceNumber for finer filter, and AGENCY BANKING requires terminal and panRequiredSee the parameter in the Get Transaction Groups

Sample Request

{{base_url}}/api/v1/transactions/groups/AGENCY BANKING/channels/ALL?startDate=2023-04-11 00:00:00&endDate=2023-04-11 23:59:59&terminal=20086919&pan=506120*****8033


Field NameDescriptionTypeConstraints
issuerCodeThe domain code of the issuerString
issuerThe domain name of the issuerString
acquirerCodeThe domain code of the acquirerString
acquirerThe domain code of the acquirerString
merchantCodeIf applicable, the domain code of the merchantString
merchantIf applicable, the domain name of the merchantString
merchantCountryIf applicable, the ISO Alpha-2 country code of the merchantString
merchantTypeIf applicable, the type of the merchant.EnumRegular, TSA, or Government
customerReferenceThe reference of the customerString
transactionStoreThe store of the transactionString
transactionReferenceThe unique reference of the transaction in the storeString
transactionTypeThe type of the transactionStringSee Get Transaction Types
transactionDateThe UTC date and time of the transactionDateTime
transactionAmountThe amount of the transactionLong
transactionCurrencyCodeThe currency of the transaction. Format: ISO 4217 numericString
surchargeAmountIf applicable, the surcharge (or fee) of the transactionLong
settlementAmountIf applicable, the settlement amount of the transactionLong
settlementCurrencyCodeIf applicable, the currency of the transaction settlement. Format: ISO 4217 numericString
terminalTypeThe type of the terminalString
terminalIdThe unique identifier of the terminalString
stanIf applicable, the system trace audit number (Postilion)String
panIf applicable, the PAN of the card used in the transactionString
retrievalReferenceNumberThe retrieval reference of the transactionString
cardAcceptorCodeIf applicable, the unique identifier of the card acceptorString
cardAcceptorLocationIf applicable, the location of the card acceptorString
responseCodeThe response code of the transactionString
settledThe settlement status of the transactionBoolean
hasMerchantA flag to show if it is a merchant transactionBoolean
additionalInfoIf applicable, any additional relevant data not captured by any field above
accountNumber - if applicable, the transaction account number
JSON Array

Sample Response

        "issuerCode": "IBTC",  
        "issuer": "IBTC",  
        "acquirerCode": "FBN",  
        "acquirer": "FBN",  
        "merchantCode": "200001119220077",  
        "merchant": "WT|ABUBAKAR MUHAMMAD MUST       ZARIA NG",  
        "merchantType": "Regular",  
        "customerReference": "506120\*\*\*8033",  
        "transactionStore": "RJService",  
        "transactionReference": "136919902261_902261_20086919_-10000.00_0200",  
        "transactionDate": "2023-04-11T11:00:00Z",  
        "transactionType": "AGENCY_BANKING_TRANSFER",  
        "transactionAmount": "NGN 100.00",  
        "surchargeAmount": "NGN 0.00",  
        "transactionCurrencyCode": "566",  
        "settlementAmount": "NGN 0.00",  
        "settlementCurrencyCode": "566",  
        "terminalType": "2",  
        "terminalId": "20086919",  
        "stan": "902261",  
        "pan": "506120***8033",  
        "retrievalReferenceNumber": "136919902261",  
        "cardAcceptorCode": "200001119220077",  
        "cardAcceptorLocation": "WT|ABUBAKAR MUHAMMAD MUST       ZARIA NG",  
        "responseCode": "00",  
        "settled": true,  
        "hasMerchant": true,  
        "additionalInfo": {}  
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