Response codes

As with everything in life, nothing is quite straight forward however we have made room to discuss the potential types of error you might get while using our APIs, this will guide you to understand what the error is and a description on how to fix the error message.

Here we go !!!


Interswitch's APIs are Restful and as such follow standard HTTP response codes for successful or failed transactions.

200 or 201This mean the request was successful and the action has been carried out. Also note, we will always send a 200 or 201 if the intended action is completed or verified.
400A validation error occurred, the request was not completed. This means a parameter to complete this request is unavailable or invalid in the request payload. Kindly check and try again.
401This can be triggered by passing an invalid secret key in the authorization header or in a scenario where there is none.
The request will not be authorized as your request does not fulfil the basic requirement for a successful API call.
404In essence, your request could not be fulfilled as the resource / institution requested does not exist. Please validation the resource requested in this case as this should not happen.
500, 501,502,503,504This request could not be completed due to an error at Interswitch's end. Ordinarily, this should not happen however please, report if you encounter any instance of this kind.