Response codes

All transactions are valid for 30 minutes. Any response received after 30 minutes should be considered final.

Response Codes and Transaction Status

Response codes may change as a transaction progresses, as customers can retry the transaction until it expires. However, the final response code will indicate whether the transaction was successful, failed, or expired.


For webhook responses, the event type TRANSACTION.COMPLETED indicates a final webhook event for a particular transaction. No further updates will be sent for that transaction.

Response DescriptionResponse CodeStatus
Final Response Codes(customer cannot retry)
Approved by Financial Institution, Partial10Successful
Approved by Financial Institution, VIP11Successful
Approved by Financial Institution00Successful
Transaction In Progress09Pending
Other Responses
Account error, please contact your bankX00
The amount requested is above the limit permitted by your bank, please contact your bankX03
The amount requested is too lowX04
The amount requested is above the limit permitted by your bank, please contact your bankX05
The card number inputted is invalid, please re-try with a valid card number14
Incorrect Security details provided. Pin tries exceeded.38
Incorrect Security details provided55
Incorrect card details, please verify that the expiry date inputted is correct.56
Your bank has prevented your card from carrying out this transaction, please contact your bank57
Your bank has prevented your card from carrying out this transaction, please contact your bank61
Incorrect security details provided. Pin tries exceeded.75
Refer to Financial Institution.01
Refer to Financial Institution, Special Condition02
Invalid Merchant03
Pick-up Card04
Do not honor05
Pick-up Card, Special Condition07
Honor with identification08
Request in Progress09
Invalid Transaction12
Invalid Amount13
No Such Financial Institution15
Approved by Financial Institution, Update Track 316
Customer Cancellation17
Customer Dispute18
Re-enter Transaction19
Invalid Response from Financial Institution20
No Action Taken by Financial Institution21
Suspected Malfunction22
Unacceptable Transaction Fee23
File Update not Supported24
Duplicate Record26
File Update File Edit Error27
File Update File Locked28
File Update Failed29
Format Error30
Bank Not Supported31
Completed Partially by Financial32
Institution Expired Card, Pick-Up33
Suspected Fraud, Pick-Up34
Contact Acquirer, Pick-Up35
Restricted Card, Pick-Up36
Call Acquirer Security, Pick-Up37
PIN Tries Exceeded, Pick-Up38
No Credit Account39
Function not supported40
Lost Card, Pick-Up41
No Universal Account42
No Investment Account44
Insufficient Funds51
No Check Account52
No Savings Account53
Expired Card54
Incorrect PIN55
No Card Record56
Suspected Fraud59
Contact Acquirer60
Restricted Card62
Security Violation63
Original Amount Incorrect64
Exceeds withdrawal frequency65
Call Acquirer Security66
Hard Capture67
Response Received Too Late68
PIN tries exceeded75
Intervene, Bank Approval Required77
Intervene, Bank Approval Required for Partial Amount78
Cut-off in Progress90
Issuer or Switch Inoperative91
Routing Error92
Violation of law93
Duplicate Transaction94
Reconcile Error95
System Malfunction96
Exceeds Cash Limit98
Unexpected errorA0
Transaction not permitted to card holder, via channelsA4
Transaction ErrorZ1
Bank account errorZ2
Bank collections account errorZ3
Interface Integration ErrorZ4
Duplicate Reference ErrorZ5
Incomplete TransactionZ6
Transaction Split Pre-processing ErrorZ7
Invalid Card Number, via channelsZ8
Transaction not permitted to card holder, via channelsZ9
Transaction not foundZ25
Payment Requires TokenZ61
Request to Generate Token is SuccessfulZ62
Token Not Generated. Customer Not Registered on Token PlatformZ63
Error Occurred. Could Not Generate TokenZ64
Payment Requires Token AuthorizationZ65
Token Authorization SuccessfulZ66
Token Authorization Not Successful. Incorrect Token SuppliedZ67
Error Occurred. Could Not Authenticate TokenZ68
Customer Cancellation Secure3DZ69
Cardinal Authentication RequiredZ70
Cardinal Lookup SuccessfulZ71
Cardinal Lookup FailedZ72
Cardinal Authenticate SuccessfulZ73
Cardinal Authenticate FailedZ74
Error calling Cybersource ServiceZ80
Bin has not been configuredZ81
Merchant not configured for binZ82
Transaction Status UnconfrimedZ0Pending

Refund API Response Codes

Please refer to the standard HTTP response codes. Where anything starting with 2XX signifies approved, 4XX means client error and 5XX indicates server error. When the response codes start with 4XX or 5XX, an error object will be returned to explain further the reason for this failure. Find common response codes and their descriptions below:

60002Refund amount greater than transaction amount
10400Error creating refund: This refund reference has already been used.
10500Error processing request, please try again.
404Transaction not found for merchant
400Error creating refund: refund amount greater than transaction amount
500Could not validate refund.