Response codes

Error Scenarios for paycode

S/NScenarioResponse CodeResponse Message
1beneficiaryNumber less than 6 digitsTo be decidedInvalid phone number provided
2Invalid macData500111Invalid macData
3No macData10400macData required
4No subscriberId10400subscriberId required
5Empty or Incorrect currency field10400Currency code must be a 3 digit number
6Duplicate referenceId500109The provided reference id already exists for this front end partner
7Empty referenceId10400referenceId required
8Invalid frontEndPartner10801Front end partner not found
9Amount mismatch (total amount differs from sum of individual entries)500104Batch amount specified differs from the sum of individual entries.
10Empty total batch amount10400amount may nut be null
11Invalid channel field400508Invalid channel selected
12Empty secure field10500Error processing request, please try again
13Wrong pinBlock10500Unable to validate authentication details
14Empty pinBlock500111Invalid macData
15Batch size specified is less than number of individual entries500102Number of entries provided exceed specified batch size.
16Batch size specified is more than number of individual entries500103Batch size is greater than the number of entries