Transaction status and response codes

Transaction Statuses

The status should be used to interpret the transaction response code for simplicity. These can be received during credit completion, requery, and transaction update callback.

SUCCESSTransaction approved and completed successfully. Credit hit beneficiary account in real
FAILURETransaction failed permanently
TRANSACTION_IN_PROGRESSTransaction status is currently undergoing automated confirmation. The final response will be shared via a call to the requery API
PENDINGTransaction status is unknown and cannot be confirmed from a remote institution. Transaction will be settled and dealt with through the arbitration process if necessary. Please treat as SUCCESSFUL
NEWThis states that the Inquiry can be retried as the Inquiry request is yet to be completed
OPENTransaction Inquiry was successful and the transaction is now open for a Credit Request
ERRORTransaction is in a final state and a user is re-attempting to trigger a duplicate credit request. Recheck transaction details and try again

NOTE: The transaction STATUS gives a true picture of the transaction and should be paid attention to mostly. The response codes define the different scenarios that could happen around the transaction processing

Response Codes

Response CodeDescriptionResponse Message
00Transaction was successfulApproved or completed successfully
01Source institution should be contactedContact source institution
05Do not honourDo not honour
06Transaction failed for arbitrary reasonsGeneral transaction failure
09Transaction is in progress at middleware or other operational reasons.Transaction in progress
10CBA timeout at destinationTransaction in progress
12The transaction is invalidInvalid Transaction
13Invalid AmountInvalid Amount
14The account type for this account is invalidAccount type is incorrect
15No such issuerInvalid Issuer
17Middleware error returned for operations relating to customer authenticating the debitDebit Authentication Error
19Transaction retry limit has been reached. The middleware will no longer attempt this transaction. Except a requery and it receives a response code for which it can retry.Pending transaction retry limit reached and status unknown
20Invalid response received from the processorInvalid response received from CBA
21Middleware received a response code that is not in its mapping configuration tableResponse code not registered
25Transaction record not foundTransaction not found
30Bad requestBad request
31Invalid route configuration for the senderRoute configuration error for issuer institution
39The specified account does not existInvalid account
40The sender account is invalidSender invalid
45The specified account is closedAccount is closed
46The specified account is dormantAccount is dormant
47The specified account is blockedAccount is blocked
51The specified account balance has been reachedThe account balance limit reached
52The TSS at the crediting bank is not sufficiently fundedTransaction failed. Please contact administrator
56Payment instrument not found to complete the transactionPayment Instrument not found
58Transaction not allowed on channel specified/ Channel code has not been mapped/setup on the middleware or is inactive. No further action was taken.Transaction not permitted on channel /Channel does not exist
59The transaction is marked as suspected fraud and not processedSuspected fraud or security breach
61Transaction limit exceededThe source transfer limit exceeded
62Withdrawal frequency exceededWithdrawal frequency exceeded
63Security has been violatedSecurity Violation
64The authentication token is not validThe authentication token is not valid
79Bvn record not maintainedAccount no bvn maintained
80Account name mismatchAccount name mismatch
81The configured TSS is invalid (does not exist, PND, etc)Invalid TSS account
82The configured TSS could not be creditedCannot credit TSS account
91Middleware could not reach Core Banking Application / Middleware did not get a definite response from Core Banking ApplicationCould not reach Remote Service / Response timed out while attempting to reach remote service
92Invalid route configuration for destinationIssue/Error with routing configuration for the receiving institution
94The transaction is a duplicate and is either in progressDuplicate transaction
97A system error occurred. Transaction status not confirmed.A system error occurred. Transaction status not confirmed
98The specified account has reached the limit for this transactionThe account transaction limit reached
99The transfer rate limit has been reached for the TSS account.Transfer frequency reached