These features are only available for businesses in Nigeria

Sending money is an integral part of our daily life, it is the bedrock for exchange of value.

At interswitch, we understand this and have provisioned various formats in terms of API's to process various forms of transfers. Single transfer, Peer to peer ; Bulk transfer, one to many; or the informal cash out service predominantly used by the super agent networks across africa.


Verify your customers name by leveraging our free account validation API

when performing a transfer, It is best practice to always verify the beneficiary's account number before performing the transfer. To do this, leverage our free Name and Account Validation section.

Available API calls

Single Transfer :- This endpoint gives you the ability to send money from one person to the other, Peer to Peer transfer between wallet to wallet, wallet to bank account, bank account to wallet, bank account to bank account.

Bulk Transfer :- This endpoint enables a user send money from one wallet to many wallets.

Cash-out Service :- Our legacy customers know this as kimono cash-out, this service is mostly used by our agency banking partners for easy and instant cash out services. its a transfer API in its true form.



Test Terminal ID: 3PBL0001

Request Reference/Transfer Code Prefix: 1453

Test SVA Card: 6280511000000095, Dec 2026, 0000

Initiating Entity Code: PBL


Name Enquiry/Transfer/Query
Account no: 0014261063 Bank code: 058 GTB
Account no: 9999999999 bank code: 033 United Bank of Africa