These Features are only available to businesses in Nigeria

Leveraging our Quickteller Service, Interswitch provides an easy and fast way to automate bill payment and airtime recharge to your customers.

This also enables you to make a profit by way of commissions. Bill payment & airtime services (and pins) have different commission structures however it is geared toward making every business profitable.

Bills Payment: With this service, you gain access to over 7000 billers on the quick teller network and guaranteed instant value on all successful payments processed e.g DSTV

Airtime & Data Top-up: With this service you gain access to various telcos for airtime vending or data bundle activation across the following networks. Airtel, Glo, MTN, and 9mobile. We have also extended this service to create vouchers which we like to call E-pins. look below for more details

Electronic Pins: This is an extension of our airtime service offering, the idea is to cater to customers who prefer the pin recharge format which could be used as a means of gift or proof of purchase as opposed to direct airtime top-up.

Available endpoints for the services within this category are defined below

GetBillersThis fetches the list of available billers on Quickteller e.g DSTV or Mtn for airtime recharge transactions
GetBillerCategoriesThis fetches the list of available biller categories e.g. cable TV bills, utility bills, Airtel.
GetBillersByCategoryThis fetches the list of billers available under a particular category.
SendBillPaymentAdviceThis is where the actual transaction is performed.
CustomerValidationThis endpoint validates customers for certain bill types e.g. eko disco, Glo.
QueryTransactionThis helps validate the status of a transaction.
CreateVoucherThis creates a 16-20 digit airtime recharge pin for a user.
RedeemVoucherThis helps redeem the generated PIN

Types of wallets for Bills payment

  1. Retailpay wallet
  2. SVA card