Re-Issue Card Pin

The card API provides you with the functionality to re-issue the pin of a card.

Re-Issue Card Pin

This endpoint handles requests to re-issue card PINs. To re-issue a card pin successfully, make a POST Request to the re-issue card pin endpoint .


These are the parameters of the request:

Body Parameters

Field #Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1issuerNrint3trueIssuer Number e.g 2
2userIdstring3 to 20trueUser ID or Name e.g Alex
3panstring16 to 19trueCard Personal Account Number (PAN)
4seqNrstring3 to 3trueCard Sequence Number
5expiryDatestring4 to 4trueCard Expiry Date
6customerIdstring25falseCustomer ID
7mobileNrstringfalseCustomer Mobile Number

This is what a typical request would look like:

  "issuerNr": 2,
  "pan": "5060990000000151002",
  "seqNr": "001",
  "expiryDate": "5004",
  "customerId": "20220728132321467651002",
  "mobileNr": "08033344455",
  "userId": "Alex"

Response Message  field description

Field #Field nameDescription
1codeInternal Response Code
2descriptionSuccessful or Error Message
3correlationIdRequest identifier
4errorsErrors array if any errors exists.
5pinNew Pin Encrypted using an RSA Public Key provided by the Client
6pinOffsetPin Offset

This is what a successful response will look like :

    "code": "00",
    "description": "Successful",
    "correlationId": "fbfcb56fbd734e91923e235238637eaf",
    "pin": "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",
    "pinOffset": "6192"

Sample failed responses :

  "code": "10404",
  "description": "No result found",
  "correlationId": "2aa197eda43540a4ad85b8d0bf570871"
    "code": "400",
    "description": "Unable to encrypt pin for response",
    "correlationId": "5c538970ea8b48959086dca8727be8a5"
    "code": "404",
    "description": "Client Config with Client ID: xxx not found",
    "correlationId": "5c538970ea8b48959086dca8727be8a5"