Getting production Credentials

Quickteller Business integration credentials are unique identifiers that allow you to connect your application or website to Quickteller Business and process payments.

These credentials are required to authenticate your requests to Quickteller Business and ensure your data is secure.
To get your Quickteller Business integration credentials, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Quickteller Business account.
  2. Click on the Developer Tools tab.
  3. Under the Integration Credentials section, you will see your Merchant Code, Pay Item ID (Payable Code), Client ID, and Secret Key.

Once you have obtained your integration credentials, connect your application or website to Quickteller Business and start processing payments.

Here is an image of the Developer Tools section in the Quickteller Business dashboard:

Integration Credentials

  • Merchant Code: A unique identifier for your Quickteller Business account.
  • Pay Item ID (Payable Code): A unique identifier for the product or service that your customers are paying for.
  • Client ID: A unique identifier for your application or website.
  • Secret Key: A secret key used to authenticate your API requests for Accept Payment.


Please note that your integration credentials are sensitive information. Keep them secure, and do not share them with anyone.

Use cases for Quickteller Business integration credentials

  • Online checkout: These credentials to create a payment form on your website that allows customers to pay for products or services using Quickteller Business.
  • API integration: These credentials to call the production API to process payments from within your application.
  • Mobile SDK integration: Use the mobile SDK to integrate payments into your mobile app.