Credit Completion Processing

The Credit Completion API initiates the actual credit to the beneficiary account. Here we have 2 models of integration with the beneficiary institutions and with each model, the client's experience differs when using the TS platform.

Bank Confirmation Model

The Focus of this credit processing model is on transaction finality and as such, 'In-Progress' responses are not returned to the initiating client in this model. Immediate transaction finality helps the initiating client give quick feedback to their customers on the success or failure of their transactions, this way customers can choose to retry the transaction again in case of failure with the confidence that they would not be sending multiple credits to their beneficiaries.

Receiving Institutions are required to query the TS platform before applying credit to the beneficiary account to ensure transaction integrity across both processing systems . This is the preferred model of connecting to the receiving institutions.


Retry-Requery Model

The Focus of this processing model is high transaction success rate. In this model, 'In-Progress' transactions are requeried and retried internally on the TS platform, to the receiving institution until a final status is available or until a cut-over time, where all 'In-Progress' transactions will be treated as successful to ensure complete transaction settlement for the day