Test Cards

Test cards are special ATM card numbers that allow you to test your payment integration without using real money. This can help you ensure your integration works properly before you go live.

How to use test cards

To use a test card on Quickteller, enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV into your payment integration.

Card BrandCard PANExpiryCVVPINOTPScenario
Mastercard512345000000 000801/391001111123456Success
Verve506183010000189501/401111111123456Failure - Timeout calling issuing bank
Verve506099058000000039003/501111111123456Failure - Insufficient Funds
Verve561233000000000041203/501111111123456Failure - No card Record


These cards are for test purposes only, and will be used to test accept payments check-out, hosted fields etc.

What to expect when using test cards

When you use a test card, your payment integration should process the transaction like any other transaction. However, the transaction will not be charged to your actual bank account.