Quick Search

Quick Search Mode allows you to provide any of the following parameters to successfully search for a Transaction. These are some of the field you can use solely or in combination.

-Personal Account Number (PAN)

-Sequence Trace Audit Number (STAN),

-Terminal ID,

-Merchant ID


-Beneficiary Account Number


POST Quick Search




AuthorizationBearer TokenComments
TokenRefer to Authentication


ClientIdYour Client ID generated for your Project on the Developer ConsoleLogin to get your Authentication

Query Params

Query ParamsBearer TokenComments
Page_size20Defaults at max of 20

Request Body

Search ParametersDescriptionDetails
rrnRetrieval Reference Number generated by Issuer's systemLength: 12
mechant_codeCode that uniquely identifies a Registered MerchantLength: 12
maskedpanCustomer Card Number that Initiated the transaction. First 6 and Last 4 Digits are in the clear. Everything esle in between is maskedLength: 16-19
terminal_idCode that uniquely identifies a terminal belonging to Merchant.Length:8
stantransaction number originating from terminalLength:6
start_dateDate transaction was initiated. YYYY-MM-DD OR
Start date for a date range.
end_dateEnd date for a date range. YYYY-MM-DD
transaction_amountTransaction amount in Lower Denomination. e.g If you intend to search for N20, search parameter should be sent as 2000
to_accountBeneficiary Account that received funds. Useful for searching Transfer Transaction specifically.Typically, 10 Digits for NUBAN Accounts
cursorvalue to send in your next request, so you can query the next set of dataFirst Call leave cursor blank

Sample Request Payload

  "rrn": "309238700960",  
  "merchant_code": "2057LA200001214",  
  "terminal_id": "20577C9O",  
  "stan": "022186",  
  "masked_pan": "519911**\*\***9719",  
  "transaction_date": "2023-09-23",  
  "transaction_amount": 2000,  
  "to_account": "1236475"  

Response Body

Response ParametersDescriptionComments
timestamptime of Search Operation
response message
responseCodetransaction number originating from terminal
dataObject containing some information for a transaction.The transaction_id in is then used to get details for the transaction. See how it's done here
cursorvalue to send in your next request, so you can query the next set of data
hasMorePagesindicates if you have gotten to the end of the data resultsettrue or false
errorsPayload containing errortypically null if all is well

Response Payload

    "timeStamp": "2023-11-07T15:50:42.614+00:00",  
    "responseMessage": "Transactions Received Successfully",  
    "responseCode": "202",  
    "dataSize": 1,  
    "totalPages": 1,  
    "pageNumber": 1,  
    "pageSize": 20,  
    "data": [  
            "retrieval_reference_number": "696843517287",  
            "merchant_code": "2057LA200002957",  
            "masked_pan": "519911******3279",  
            "terminal_id": "20573ZLY",  
            "stan": "373758",  
            "unique_reference": "95aa59d0-77fb-11ee-a39f-f7013f7f10c0",  
            "transaction_date": "2023-10-09",  
            "transaction_amount": 210000,  
            "beneficiary_account": null,  
            "transaction_id": "958804c0-77fb-11ee-a39f-f7013f7f10c0",  
            "acquirer_code": "ZIB",  
            "issuer_code": "GTB"  
    "errors": null  


To get the Full Transaction Details. Use the transaction_id value in the response payload to make a Get Transaction Details call

Response Payload (WITH ERROR)

    "timeStamp": "2024-03-25T13:30:37.164+00:00",
    "responseMessage": "Page Size cannot be greater than 20",
    "responseCode": "400",
    "data": null,
    "errors": [
        "Page Size cannot be greater than 20"

You can Test out the API call directly here: