Single Paycode

This endpoint handles the generation of single cardless tokens via HTTP

The following actions can be performed using the single Paycode endpoint:-

  1. Generate Token
  2. Get token Status
  3. Cancel Token

Generate Token
This is a request to generate a one-time access code also known as token for a Paycode transaction at a merchant location.

Get Token Status
A Get Token Status message is a request to get the details of an already generated Token.

Cancel Token
A Cancel Token message is a request to cancel/deactivate an already generated Token.

curl{subscriberId}/tokens \
-H "Authorization: <token>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
"frontEndPartnerId": "WEMA",
"ttid”: "12345",
"paymentMethodTypeCode": "MMO",
"paymentMethodCode": "WEMA",
"payWithMobileChannel": "ATM",
"tokenLifeTimeInMinutes": "60",
"amount": "50000",
"codeGenerationChannel": "INTERNET_BANKING",
"codeGenerationChannelProvider": "WEMA",
"accountNo": "1234567890",
"accountType": "10",
"autoEnroll" : "true",


“subscriberId”: “2348012233220”,
“payWithMobileToken”: “57889026616”,
“tokenLifeTimeInMinutes”: “60”
"channel": "ATM",
"token": "1260591524",
"code": "0",
"description": "Successful",
"paymentMethodCode": "VEC",
"surcharge": "10000",
"paymentMethodIdentifier": "E192F3F3B3BA4596BC9704C44EA801BC",
"paymentMethodTypeCode": "QTA",
"tokenLifeTimeInMinutes": "90",
"amount": "500000",
"subscriberId": "2348124888436",
"settlementCode": "3LFANTA",
"status": "0",
"frontEndPartner": "455"
 "code": "00",
 "description": "Successfully queued to be cancelled"



NB: We recommend that the ttid and transactionRef have the same value.