Salary Lending

This is an Interswitch lending service (ILS) feature which enables third party lending providers with the capability to digitize salary loan processing for their customers.

ILS forms a bridge between this channel provider and the lender.


Process Flow

Step 1: Make a call to Get Salary Loan
Step 2: Make a call to Salary Loan Repayment Notification.
Sample Request

curl \
-H "Authorization: <token>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
"customerId": "2348161286422",
"channelCode": "APT",
"providerCode": "MKT",
"bankName": "GTBank",
"bankCode": "011",
"accountNumber": "1234567899",
"amount": 100000,
"interest": 11.5,
"amountPayable": 110000,
"tenure": 14,
"loanSchemeCode": "SLY",
"offerId": "ISW8490716851"

Sample Response

"responseCode": "S00",
"responseMessage": "Salary loan successfully disbursed",
"transactionRef": "BOL|LOC|CA|FBN|AC|180121151014|9MUN9QE94J",
"transactionId": "0432529007994",
"loanId": "APPMRT12345"