Default Test Credentials

You can use these credentials to integrate to our WEB, API, and Mobile SDK if you dont have your own test credentials.

We offer two essential sets of test credentials: General Integration and Card Payment API credentials.
These credentials help you test your integration with our system and ensure it works properly.


If you don't have your test credentials, you can use these credentials to integrate into our WEB, API, and Mobile SDK.

Use General Integration credentials to test all aspects of your integration, and use Card Payment API credentials to test how your integration handles card payments.

Integration Details

General Integration
Client IDIKIAB23A4E2756605C1ABC33CE3C287E27267F660D61
Pay Item Id9405967
Merchant CodeMX6072
Card Payment API Credentials
Client IDIKIA3B827951EA3EC2E193C51DA1D22988F055FD27DE
Merchant codeMX21696