Transfer Service is a highly decoupled platform with the ability to process credit transactions via different transfer rails(routes) to beneficiary accounts at receiving institutions.

For a TS client to complete a credit only transfer, integration has to be done to the following APIs

  1. Account Inquiry API: This API validates that an account to be credited is available and functional at the receiving institution and may also include an amount validation check as well, to ensure the account can receive the amount in the request

  2. Credit Advice API: Calling this API puts value into beneficiary's account. The unique ref generated during Inquiry API call or the transaction reference generated by the Transfer Service on an account inquiry must be provided in this request

  3. Re-query API: this API is used to confirm the final status of a credit advice call. This endpoint is used when a client gets an 'In-Progress' response from the Transfer Service, or incase of timeouts to the TS platform or other network issues on a credit call.

After a transaction has been successfully processed, settlement is by default initiated by the Transfer Service platform. Disputes can also be raised and managed for TS transactions on ISW's Arbiter 2.0 platform