Enhance your back-office operations by utilizing Interswitch's array of Transaction Search APIs, for transaction and settlement verification.

Transaction Search

The Transaction Search API is a robust and versatile API designed to provide real-time insights into the status of a transaction throughout its lifecycle.

This API is invaluable for businesses and financial institutions seeking to monitor and verify the progress of transactions, from the initial processing stages to settlement and, if necessary, through the dispute resolution process.

It offers a comprehensive solution to track, manage, and retrieve transaction information, ensuring transparency and accountability in financial operations.


Key Features

Custom Query Capabilities: The API allows for custom queries, enabling you to search for transactions based on a variety of parameters, such as Card Number, Account, Terminal ID, Date, Amount, and more.

Processing Stage Visibility: It provides information on the transaction's processing stage, which is crucial for identifying any delays or issues that may arise during this critical phase.

Settlement Tracking: Keep track of the settlement process to ensure that payments are executed as expected, and funds are transferred accurately.

Dispute Lifecycle Management: Access detailed information on transactions that are subject to disputes, including the status of dispute resolution, helping you manage customer inquiries and chargebacks more effectively.

Security and Compliance: It adheres to stringent security and compliance standards to safeguard sensitive financial data and meet regulatory requirements.


Transaction Coverage

We are working towards 100% Coverage for all Processing that happens on the Switch.

Find the list of Transaction Types currently Supported

Note that Search operations cover but Successful., Pending and Failed Transactions

Transaction and Settlement Coverage

Transaction TypeTransactionSettlement
Cash WithdrawalFullFull
Transfer (ATM and POS)FullFull
Purchase (POS and Web)FullFull
Agency Banking **FullPartial
Transfer (Quickteller)**PartialPartial


It is important to note that we have not reached 100% coverage YET for all Transactions. So, any Transaction not found should be reconfirmed on our Help Desk

Dispute Coverage


Coming Soon

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