Value Financing

This solution enables customers to purchase now and pay later using loans from the Lenders on the Interswitch Lending Platform.

Value Financing is a feature on Interswitch Lending Service that enables customers to make purchase (e.g airtime, bills, phones etc ) on credit.



Please Note:

You need to have these endpoints defined on your application - Get Tenured Offers, Accept Tenured Offer, Value Financing Transaction Notification.

Process Flow

  • Step 1: Lending Service makes a call to ---> Get Tenured Offers - This is a callback spec the loan provider should build. This is for the customer to be able to get a loan offer for the purchase.
  • Step 2: Upon receipt of the offer request, make a call to <--- Get Customer Information to retrieve the customer's information to confirm if the customer is eligible for a loan.
  • Step 3: Upon validation and confirmed eligibility, you can return an offer to the customer. Once the customer selects your offer, we make an ---> Accept Tenured Offer request is the lender - This is a callback spec the loan provider should build.
  • Step 4: As part of the accept tenured offer process, perform <--- name validation on the customer to validate the customer's account.
  • Step 5: If step 4 is successful, <---send sms to the customer informing them of the loan approval.
  • Step 6: If the value leg is successful, lending service sends a notification ---> Value Financing Transaction Notification - This is a callback spec the loan provider should build to the lender informing them of the successful transaction so that the lender can open the loan.


<--- Calls from the loan provider to lending service.
---> Calls lending service make to the loan provider.