Value Financing

This solution enables customers to purchase now and pay later using loans from the Lenders on the Interswitch Lending Platform.

Value Financing is a feature on Interswitch Lending Service that enables customers to purchase items (e.g airtime, mobile phones etc ) on credit.

Process Flow

Step 1: Make a call to Get Tenured Offers to get a list of offers available to a customer from a specified credit company.

Step 2: To accept an offer, make a call to Accept Tenured Offer

Sample Request

curl Tv \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
curl{offerId}/accept \
-H "Authorization: <token>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
    "customerId": "2348123456789",
    "providerCode": "ABCREDIT",
    "merchantCode" : "MX1049",
    "debitMethod": {
        "identifier": "ADA4C1FFE6DE40C584ABD3CBAFDA0D08",
        "authData": "OjlDC8aB24QNtbc654TAmTC7s/J4WG7LVf3HursqxMj9Kx0iMLWg8chKuQrB3E4SaBoegl7znXDTZ0QTwS+gr5IrFX+7LplB5My/eJ9a3VgY7SL9izhXWPowDIT7y2SZzgJIpYgGp2bTKZcDO0vUPREV/0NMxPOktxFlXHKkeYe3nn2WrP877Tw09XCN4eZfe7M5dD4wdb0IRcMktHCdbbdyZa60UTkxhTDWk9t5Nm3opWda5zV+ERQhgpod99rG61odZE0brQ9iGf5KPYmaoynfL00I6CQYjnANoEnjOTh5Kt7uhaRrhUSk9zKIV4woME8LXetvdvQUee+ZXcbXPg=="

Sample response

    "responseCode": "00",
    "responseMessage": "Offers available",
    "offers": [
            "offerId": "FI12345",
            "amountOffered": 1000000, // Ten thousand naira only
            "interest" : 12.5 // In percentage: 12.5%
            "amountPayable": 1250000, // Ten thousand, two hundred and fifty naira only
            "tenure": 30,
            "expiryDate": "2017-05-30T16:49:12Z"
            "currency": "566",
            "description": "N10,000 to pay back N12,500 in 30 days"
    "responseCode": "00",
    "responseMessage": "Transaction successful. Account would be credited shortly",
    "loanId" : "2389000"

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