TSA Payments

Accept TSA payments via cards (Verve, Mastercard, Visa) from your customers

TSA payments allows you to accept TSA payments from your customers via the Interswitch Payment Gateway using their cards (Verve, Mastercard, Visa) and settled to your account.

Process Flow

Step 1: Onboard on Quickteller Business and integrate to Interswitch Payment Gateway API. Provide the necessary KYC document and get approved to go-live.

Step 2: Contact [email protected] to get your unique alias for your TSA transactions.

Step 3: Create your payment page with the payload below. Ensure that you pass the alias assigned to you by Interswitch as a TSA merchant (see line 20)

<script type="text/javascript">

<body onload="submitPage()" >

<form hidden id="form1" method='post' action='https://qa.interswitchng.com/collections/w/pay'>
<input name='site_redirect_url' value='http://qa.interswitchng.com/collections/Demo/ResponsePage/?' />
<input name='pay_item_id' value='9405967' />
<input name='txn_ref' value='demo_0530faa8953' id='tranRef' />

<input name='amount' value='10000' />
<input name='currency' value='566' />
<input name='cust_name' value='Sola Third Mainland' />
<input name='pay_item_name' value='Item A' />
<input name='display_merchant_name' value='Display merchant name' />
<input name='display_mode' value='PAGE' />
<input name='tsa_details' value='{"payerName":"Ezekiel", "alias":"nohe-test"}' />
<input name='merchant_code' value='MX6072' />
<input type='submit' value='Submit Form' />

pay_item_idThis is the payable id
txn_refThis is the reference generated per transaction
amountThis is the amount paid by the customer
currencyThis is the currency code of the currency the customer is paying
cust_nameThis name of the customer that is making the payment (optional)
pay_item_nameThis is the payment item name
payerNameThe name of the customer that is making the payment (compulsory)
aliasThe unique alias assigned to you as a TSA merchant by Interswitch. Note that it is different from your merchant code.