Payment Links

Payment links

This feature enables business owners who do not own websites receive single or recurring payments from their customers.


We have types of Payment Links:

Single - a payment link where you can receive ne time payments from customers
Recurring - a payment link where you can create a charge cycle, and when a customer agrees and pays, their card is debited at the agreed number of times and intervals. This is very useful for subscription based payments.

You can either specify an amount when creating a payment link, so that whenever a customer tries to pay you, they can only pay you the exact amount. This is useful for scenarios where you're creating a link that is tied to a product, an invoice, or generally trying to collect payments for customers that must be equal to a particular amount.


Creating Subscription Links

To create a subscription payment link, you first have to create a subscription plan by clicking on the Subscription Plans menu on your quickteller business dashboard.

We also support advanced options when creating your payment link like customizing the success message the customer sees, what URL we should redirect to after every successful payment in case you want to capture the details of the payment on your own system.


Payment links can also be enabled on your webhook configuration so that we can send you API notifications on every successful payment link payment.