Google Pay ™

Learn how to accept payments with ease using Google Pay payments.

Activating Google Pay as a payment option grant your customers access to complete payments securely with ease. Customers would be able to make purchases using the credit and debit cards that has been secured stored and linked to their Google account. With fewer clicks, customers get to enjoy a simpler and more seamless experience.

Key Features and Benefits of Pay with Google Pay ™:

Streamlined Checkout Process: Pay with Google offers a streamlined and intuitive checkout experience for customers. With a single click, users can select their preferred payment method and complete transactions quickly and effortlessly.

  • Enhanced Security: We prioritize the security of our users' information and transactions. Pay with Google employs industry-leading security protocols, ensuring that sensitive payment details are protected and reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Mobile-Friendly Solution: In today's mobile-first world, it is crucial to provide a seamless payment experience across devices. Pay with Google offers a mobile-friendly interface, allowing users to conveniently complete transactions on their smartphones and tablets.

Web Integrations

With no fresh integration required; Merchants who have already integrated to our Web Checkout API do not require any addition integration to access the Google Pay payment option. As a registered merchant, simply locate the Payment Channels tab under the Settings menu on QTB dashboard as shown below:

For additional information on Google Pay, refer to Google Pay Web developer documentation, Google Pay Web integration checklist and Google Pay Web Brand Guidelines

Process Flow for Customers

Step 1: Customer visits Interswitch Payment Gateway by initiating payment via your website/app

Step 2: Customer is redirected to Interswitch Payment Gateway page and is prompted to select preferred payment option

Step 3: Customer selects "Google Pay" as preferred payment option

Step 4: Customer then clicks on the button as shown below to make payment using their saved card or add a new card and follows the steps to complete payment.

Supported Card Network

Card NetworkSupported Banks
American Express (AMEX)All banks (Global)
Mastercard NairaAll Nigeria banks
VerveAll Nigeria banks
Verve GlobalFirst Bank and Fidelity Bank.
VISAAll banks (Global)

Cards in the Google Pay wallet issued by banks and networks that are not covered in the list above cannot be used to complete payments via the Interswitch Payment Gateway..