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Accept Payments

Accept Payments

Securely receive payments from customers online, or in store physically leveraging our payment options

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Send Money


Send money from one person to the other with bank accounts or Wallet.

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Digital Services

Value Added Services

Value Added Service

Provide Airtime, Data, SMS and Bill payment services to your Customers

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Channel Integration

Agent Cashout

Activate cashout capability on your Point of Sale Devices.

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Cashout Service


Whether you are Loan provider or a Channel partner, leverage our powerful Lending APIs to provide Nano Loans to your Customers

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SDKs & Cardless

Cardless Transactions

Cardless withdrawal

Create a unique experience for your Customers by using our Paycode APIs to generate a code that you can use for payments or to withdraw cash on ATMs or POS

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Our Software Development Kits and plugins facilitates easy and seamless API integration.

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Wallet Services

Businesses can leverage our wallet service as a store of value for their customers to top up and buy items on their platforms

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Virtual Cards

Merchants can now create cards for their customers to perform online transactions leveraging our virtual card service.

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