Card Payments API

You can use the card payment APIs if you want to manage the payment flow from end to end. This means you'll build your own user interfaces and customer experiences end to end.


Card Payments Requirement

If you want to use our card payments API, a PCI DSS compliance certificate is needed.

Client ID: IKIA3B827951EA3EC2E193C51DA1D22988F055FD27DE

Client Secret: ajkdpGiF6PHVrwK

Process Flow

Step 1: Make an Authentication call to get your access token.
Step 2: Make a purchase call with encrypted card details.. Depending on the configuration tied to the card and your business profile, this call can either be
a. sent to the bank for immediate authorization (and you get a successful or failed response). You can then proceed to confirm the status of the transaction.
b. if there's an authentication required, you get a relevant response code that tells you whether an OTP has been sent to the customer's phone (T0) or the card requires a 3D secure authentication (S0).
Step 3: If the response code T0 is gotten, the customer provides the OTP recieved on their phone to complete the transaction. You then need to make a call to Authenticate OTP. If the response code gotten is S0, after the customer has finished authenticating on the 3D secure redirect, make a call to Authorize Transaction (3D Secure).
You can hence proceed to confirm the status of the transaction.


Visa Transactions

The response S0 is gotten when it is a cardinal transaction. This occurs when using visa cards. Click here to read more about visa transactions.


Resend OTP

Sometimes, you might need to resend the OTP, make call to Resend OTP