Single Transfer

This endpoint enables transfer of funds between one account or wallet to another, i.e single or peer to peer transactions. it enables users with the capability to send money from one person to another.

Process Flow

Step 1: Ideally, the first step will be to validate the account number of the intended recipent.
Step 2: Build the sender and beneficiary objects and initiate a Single Transfer call.
Step 3: Check transaction status


List of Bank Codes

You can make an API call to view a list of exhaustive bank codes here

Sample Requests

curl --location '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {{Access Token}}' \
--header 'TerminalId: 3PBL0001' \
--header 'bankCode: 044'\
--header 'accountId: 0730804844'
curl \
-H "Authorization: InterswitchAuth <YOUR_AUTHORIZATION_STRING>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Timestamp: <CURRENT_TIMESTAMP>" \
-H "SignatureMethod: SHA1" \
-H "TerminalID: <YOUR_TERMINAL_ID>" \
-d '{"mac":"<computed_mac>","beneficiary":{"lastname":"Doe","othernames":"John"},"initiatingEntityCode":"DMO","initiation":{"amount":"10000","channel":7,"currencyCode":"NG","paymentMethodCode":"CA"},"sender":{"email":"[email protected]","lastname":"Oyelayo","othernames":"Toyosi","phone":"0732246413"},"termination":{"accountReceivable":{"accountNumber":"0698784016","accountType":10},"amount":100000,"countryCode":"NG","currencyCode":566,"entityCode":"058","paymentMethodCode":"AC"},"transferCode":"14531627094604328"}' \

Sample Responses

    "ResponseCode": "90000",
    "ResponseCodeGrouping": "SUCCESSFUL"
  mac: "8266C69F027FE6FD8557D609E63434894168CD5F39771C8055279ABC015347FAE776EB2F3355B6F56DC6F85A41B1C4572EBA428EB0BD86F00C35C9CE156E5A8D",
  transactionDate: "02/Jul/2021 09:14:42",
  transferCode: "14531625256921",
  pin: "",
  responseCode: "90000",
  responseCodeGrouping: "SUCCESSFUL"