Spend 2 save

The Spend to Save service enables saving becomes automatic as it sets aside a specific percentage of all your expenses within a given period, including transactions like Airtime & data purchases, transfers, Bills payment and contactless transactions. Spend to save offers real-time tracking with a detailed breakdown of each transaction's saved amount and the overall total saved to date.

This service offers the following;

Spend to save wallet creation

  • Users can create a dedicated "Spend to Save" wallet or savings wallet within the mobile app and define necessary parameters using Create wallet
  • This wallet/account serves as a separate container for funds that are set aside for savings purposes.
  • Ability for user to edit walletparameters of created wallet which enables users to adjust the parameters of their Spend to Save wallet.

Disable wallet

  • Users have the option to disablethe Spend to Save wallet temporarily. This can be useful if they need to stop automatic savings for a specific period or if they no longer wish to use the feature.

Withdraw Saved Amount from wallet

  • Users can access and withdraw the saved amount from their "Spend to Save" wallet/account.This provides flexibility for users to use their savings as needed, whether for emergencies, investments, or other financial goals.

Transaction history on Wallet

  • This enable users to view the transaction history and break down on all spend to save transactions.