A quite is the entry point to every trannsfer action. It lets us know what currecny you're trying to send to and the currency you're sending from, and based on this we cna tell you what fees will be charged, what excahnge rates will be used, and how much the recipient is going to get.

There are two ways quotes can be used:

  1. General: this can be used just to get the sense of excahnge rates for currecy pairs, for this type of quote, there's no corresponding transaction it's tied to.
  2. Transactional: this quote is tied to a transaction and it's usually locked for a time frame. the response property validUntil will return a timestamp forwhen the quote expires.

The request propert quoteType is field that the relevant quote type value should be sent in and the options are GENERAL or TRANSACTIONAL.

Creating Quotes