Get Account Balance for Debit Card Account

This API handles requests to get Account Balance for Debit Cards. This endpoint is protected and only accessible to clients with the authority to view balance.

Request Message description

Field #Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1issuerNrint3trueIssuer Number
2accountIdstring10 to 28trueAccount ID or Number
3accountTypestring2 to 2trueAccount Type

POST /card-management/api/v1/card/debit/balance
Authorization = Bearer Token

Sample Request

  "issuerNr": 2,
  "accountId": "0123456789",
  "accountType": "20"

Response Message  field description

Field #Field nameDescription
1codeInternal Response Code
2descriptionSuccessful or Error Message
3correlationIdRequest identifier
4errorsErrors array if any errors exists.

Sample Response (success)

  "code": "00",
  "description": "Successful",
  "correlationId": "3f7debdd5b7c4107959c216fa228281e",
  "ledgerBalance": 0,
  "availableBalance": 0

Sample Response (failure)

  "code": "403",
  "description": "Access Denied"