Retry Single Card Creation

In the event of any that a server-side error (having error code 500) is returned after initially sending a single card creation request, this API can be called to retry the request with the same parameters and request body.

Request Message description

Field #Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1cardReferencestring32trueRequest Correlation ID e.g 6beae9e078434c96b9fc16892d7f30ba

POST /card-management/api/v1/card/retryCardRequest
Authorization = Bearer Token

Sample Request

  "cardReference": "6beae9e078434c96b9fc16892d7f30ba"

Response Message  field description

Field #Field nameDescription
1codeInternal Response Code
2descriptionSuccessful or Error Message
3correlationIdRequest identifier
4cardCard details if the card request is successful
5successfulif true, card has been generated and issued successfully.

else card may have been generated but not issued successfully

(card request on Postilion might have failed)
6errorsErrors array if any errors exists.

Sample Response (success)

    "code": "00",
    "description": "Successful",
    "correlationId": "2f6b1ebb444845a0b896fefab2fb254b",
    "card": {
        "pan": "5061800000000000389",
        "seqNr": "001",
        "expiryDate": "2508",
        "pinOffset": "7183",
        "cvv": "902",
        "cvv2": "840",
        "pinInfo": "3DD636885F8CBAA5",
        "track2": "5061800000000000389=2508101007183902",
        "customerId": "20220811144303279780389"
    "successful": true

Sample Response (failure)

    "code": "10409",
    "description": "Account already exists.",
    "correlationId": "ff5c14d25d4e4c06aacadcb17f2beea1",
    "successful": false