Fetch Single Card By PAN

This API handles requests to fetch single card by PAN, Issuer Number, Sequence Number and Expiry Date.

Request Message description

Field #Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1issuerNrint3trueIssuer Number e.g 2
2panstring16 to 19trueCard Personal Account Number (PAN)
3cardSequenceNrstringtrueCard Sequence Number
4expiryDatestring4 to 4trueCard Expiry Date
POST /card-management/api/v1/card/fetchSingle
Authorization = Bearer Token

Sample Request

  "issuerNr": 2,
  "pan": "5061800000000000363",
  "cardSequenceNr": "001",
  "expiryDate": "5004"

Response Message  field description

Field #Field nameDescription
1codeInternal Response Code
2descriptionSuccessful or Error Message
3cardDetailsList of Card Details
4errorsErrors array if any errors exists.

Sample Response (success)

  "code": "00",
  "description": "Successful",
  "cardDetails": [
      "pan": "5061800000000000363",
      "expiryDate": "2305",
      "issuerNr": "4",
      "firstName": "Test",
      "lastName": "Test",
      "nameOnCard": "Test",
      "cardProgram": "VISA",
      "customerId": "20220801105234816930543",
      "cardStatus": "1",
      "seqNr": "001"

Sample Response (failure)

  "code": "10500",
  "description": "Error Processing Request",
  "correlationId": "2aa197eda43540a4ad85b8d0bf570871"